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Family Research





The success of any family research depends on a number of factors. The more common the family names the more difficult it is to unravel the trees. Many of the reported Census results used phonetic versions of names, resulting in names being spelled differently through the ages. The further back you try to look the sparser the records. The success of any search will depend on how much information you can supply at the outset. To make a start you really need to know relatives who would have been recorded in the 1911 Census (the latest census currently available).

Forward Searches

I have conducted many searches for living relatives.

I successfully found the next of kin for a WW1 medal found in a South Wales field. The return of the medal to the family in Tiverton was filmed for BBC Wales Today.

I have traced living relatives of over 100 officers and men from one WW1 unit.

I have assisted people who have posted on Social Media in the return to the correct family of books and bibles in their possession.